eCommerce options in Wappler


Can someone perhaps advise me of what are my eCommerce options are in Wappler website builds.
In Wappler I have had success using PayPal purchasing for sites with a small number of items but wondering what to do with sites that have a lot of items for sale - my options seem to be a WordPress site with WooCommerce but would prefer not to go that route. All suggestions would be appreciated.


The number of items should be pretty irrelevant if your PayPal checkout is set up using dynamic values.
You don’t state how you are doing it but this leads me to suspect you may be using PayPal generated button rather than implementing a programmed solution

As to other options., pretty much every other service is available if you connect via the Wappler API features


You are correct i am using PayPal generated buttons. I will have to research the Wappler API features as that is unknown to me.


Take a look at


Would still love to see some sort of Stripe or Paypal tools right in Wappler. Some of us (me) are not smart enough to use APIs :wink:


Yes, i agree. It’s a shame that they have decided not to do a stripe module, I am looking at it now and it’s pretty complicated. I am fairly new to API stuff myself and it’s not for the faint-hearted.
Out of the box Stripe and PayPal would be a good sell feature in my opinion.
When I finally crack stripe I will share my experience, at least that may help users.


I would really love some ready-to-use ecommerce modules, it would really give Wappler superpowers.

A way that you can use it right now it is to store the cart items in a session, like Teodor described here: Adding eCommerce to a Wappler Site

By using Shopify for instance you can then generate a checkout with the products in cart, quite easily in a URL (no API needed) by using this format:{variant_id}:#{quantity}

(more info about that here:

But a module would be even better. In general, modules like that would really make things easy for non-developers to build great websites. Templates, modules, usable showcase websites, etc. Hope they will implement something like that in the future.


Well we haven’t decided anything yet :slight_smile: - just put more priority on other stuff, but I still think a Stripe module will be very good to do.


Sorry @George , obviously mis-understood

Obviously I will share anything do in this area to assist


Well you can also use a temp database table and add your products there. On checkout you can transfer your products from the ‘temp_table’ to the final one.

I have created an ecommerce based on AppConnect and it works great. Not only the checkout proccess with complex validations that update on the fly, but also with supereasy product search.

It is still only in Greek but you can have a look at it

There is alos the branding page of the same company. Uses the same database. It is in English so you might want to have a look at it too.



I love this community. Everyone wants to help out and we are all richer for it. Thanks to all. :slight_smile:

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I’m sure more features to deal with sessions etc. will be added to Wappler. In the meantime, this topic offers an alternative way to add items to session, using a method which will I imagine be added to the UI at some point.


I expect ‘other stuff’ will make it easier to build all sort of websites - including shopping carts. From my point of view, I think the continuing development of Wappler as it has been so far is the best approach, rather than offering modules to fulfil specfic tasks.

In relation to shopping carts, features such as improved cookie/session managment (including multi-dimensional arrays), improved mailer features (eg including repeat regions) and output to PDF would all be very useful. But they would be useful as tools for many other purposes too.