Dynamically populate Title in a <tr> or <td> tag

Can I dynamically populate Title in a <tr> or <td> tag? The following doesn’t work.

@UKRiggers as any other attribute where you need to use dynamic data, you should add it through the Dynamic Attributes menu :slight_smile:

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Wow! I have been staring at the Dynamic Attributes menu for about 15 minutes and couldn’t see what I needed. I need more caffeine I think. Sorry for the dumb question, again :smile:

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If for any reason, some of the static attributes are missing in the dynamic attributes list, you can always make it dynamic by adding: dmx-bind: in front of it.

id="" -> dmx-bind:id=""
title="" -> dmx-bind:title=""
lang="" -> dmx-bind:lang=""


Great little tip, cheers.

Click on the title

Select the data picker

You can then select the dynamic data content visually


This shows general title but table is exactly the same

Hey Brian,
I believe Neil is referring to the title attribute:

<element title="text">
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