Dynamic URL for API URL (remove paste clipboard and add lightning bolt)?

We connect to several APIs whereby the URL is similar to the following:


Would it be possible to replace the Copy from Clipboard with a Lightning bolt for Dynamic data selection? Or is there a way around this scenario I am missing? Dis-regard my request if this is the case, and please fill me in on how this can be achieved if it is indeed possible?

Many thanks!


Hey Dave,
Is this in Server Connect in the API Connection step?
Where should that dynamic URL come from - is it from another step?

Thanks for the prompt response as ever Teodor!

Within the API Data Source Profile:


From a Server Connect Query result. ie the API Username for example, related to the signed in user or a specific product/item for example...

Ah so that’s in the Client Side API tools, maybe @George can add it or suggest the best way of doing this.

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It would certainly be of greater use then pasting the Clipboard :slight_smile:

Control V is so much hard work for us underpaid folk hahaha …

Thank you Teodor, and @George for your consideration.