Dynamic Text+HyperLink+Text

I want to have dmx dynamic text on all the three parts here that is

  1. the link (terms and conditions)
  2. text before (By clicking on…)
  3. the text after (of this website)

as i need to localise them.


What elements should i use and how should i write the multiple (3?) dmx bindings ?

The above element is set up like this :image

i tried some dmx binding for Text before and Link, don’t know where to write the dmx binding for the text after. And the dmx binding for the link only works if the dmx-text of textbefore(by cliickon on…) is removed.

<div class="mb-3 ms-xxl-5 me-xxl-5">
                        <label for="input1" class="form-label col-form-label"
 <a href="" dmx-text="jsonDS.data.TCLink[session.data.preferredLanguage]"> 



Just don’t use the dmx-text in this case. Bind the data directly like:

<label for="input1" class="form-label col-form-label">
{{jsonDS.data.TC1[session.data.preferredLanguage]}} <a dmx-bind:href="jsonDS.data.TCLink[session.data.preferredLanguage]">terms and conditions</a> {{jsonDS.data.dynamic_data_here[session.data.preferredLanguage]}}
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Thank you very much,worked perfectly