Dynamic Tables Fail on Host Site

Need some help making sure I’ve setup my connection for localhost and remote host site so that my dynamic tables populate on both sites. Currently, they work fine on localhost but draw blanks on my remote site. See screen capture:

Can someone tip me in the right direction as how to get my dynamic tables to work on the remote site?

This is the ftp connection. The FTP server think it should start with ftp.state…

Did you hit the ‘Test Connection’ button to see if it connects? Also you reffering to your database not being populated online? Did you create the database and tables on the server online? It would help if you send a screenshot of your database connection configuration

The connection (see screen cap) shows it is set for localhost so I can work locally … do I have to change each one (12 total) to my remote site’s URL before I publish? I thought setting the ‘target’ took care of this? Is there a way to select ‘local’ to work locally or ‘remote’ so the pages work on my host site? Is there any documentation about how to set this up?

As long as the remote server accepts local connection, and you are using the same username, password and database name (same on loca and remote server) it will work ok. Also, no you don’t have to change each one. Just make sure that the ‘anchor’ icon on the right of your connection name (inside ServerConnect panel) is clicked.

Also please make sure that all files are uploaded, and of course that the database tables are also crearted on the remote server

I see that you have not entered the Remote Directory. What this means is that the files are uploaded to the directory above the site’s root directory

Have a look when I remove the Remote Directory and when I expand the Files panel


Now I enter the site’s Root Directory

and see what I get

I hope this helps.