Dynamic table formatting issues

I have done exactly this @Teodor , but somehow it returns no data at all.

See screenshare: https://www.useloom.com/share/23c5528b2cae44339bea9d1ecc09c2cf

What should I do?

The source data table returns a " float" data type that should be converted to text. This conversion is not taking place and a “0” (zero) is being returned. I can not change the data source, and formatting

the cell does not help. Is there a solution to do this ?

Hi @nevil,
What is the database column type for these values?

@wld I am not sure I understand what the issue is? What are you doing for your values in this column exactly?

The database column is a # type. So a number. Should that be different?

I mean in your database, what is it set to? Is it integer? is it varchar?

Decimal (12,2). Someone else has set this previously in my database. Should this be an integer?

For the decimal add first a toNumber() filter, as it is a string:

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