Dynamic sorting of table - Is it working in NodeJS?

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has gotten dynamic sorting of tables working in 3.x NodeJS application?

Its not working for me setting it up as i did in my PHP app, so just wondering if the feature is supported in NodeJS or if i should log this as a bug?


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Hi Philip, i can’t get it to work either.

Thanks for clarifying.

I’ll raise a bug report

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I can’t get it to work as well…any news about this bug?
Is this a bug @Teodor? Thanks!

What’s not working exactly and what actually happens?
Have you checked the bowser console for errors? How’s your query set up exactly?

Guys, please note that “it’s not working” is not a really useful information for us.

Hey @Teodor! Thanks for your reply! You are right, I’ll send a detailed explanation what I’m doing!

This was the issue for me, and it’s currently a raised bug flagged with medium priority.