Dynamic Slideshow

I have an issue with the dynamic slideshow and hope someone can help.

1-I created the server action with query to collect all the images.
Note: The 9 images have 1 unique ID link to the product ID. They are all in one row in the database.
2.I can only select 1 image for the dynamic input.
When I add only one image. The slideshow works but only with one image.
3. Then I tried in the screenshot 3 to create a regular slideshow then replace the url with the dynamic path: I am still with nothing.

Any inputs will be useful.

Thank you!


Your current database structure does not allow the slideshow to show all the images.
The database table should contain one image per row, not all of them in one row.

In that case, why option 2 on the last screenshot l does not work too.
In this option, I am replacing all static elements in by the dynamic content. I am still with no image display. Any recommendation on that one.

Your last screenshot makes no sense.
The code shown is wrong and won’t work. You only need to specify the repeat element and point to the image field.
When your database structure is properly set up it will work fine. It just make no sense to setup the table like you current structure is.
Each image should be in a new row.

It does make sense to create a database table depending on the need of the site. All these fields are automatically created when user create a product. The product image is already display in the user account. I already verified them all. The only thing that is not working here is the slideshow.

What do you mean the code show is wrong. Can you write me the sample of the right code, Please?

Your database table just doesn’t make sense.

It’s not a requirement of a site. Usually you have the images stored one per row, connected to the main record using a primary key…

There is no code that is going to make the slideshow work with your current database structure. It will work when you have your images stored as I already explained.

Thank you for your feedback. I fixed it.