Dynamic Slideshow not working

I am trying to create a dynamic slide show but for some unknown reason, nothing is being displayed. You can find my codes below:

<dmx-slideshow id="slideshow1" show-nav="true" show-paging="true" slide-url="/images/articles/img/{{ArtImage}}" slide-title="ArtTitre" slide-description="ArtChapo" slide-link="page.html?id={{ArtID}}" dmx-bind:slides="serverconnect3.data.query1" slide-thumb="/images/articles/thumb/{{ArtThumb}}" transition:fade="" transition:slide=""></dmx-slideshow>

Any idea?

Hello @Moustapha,
Please provide a link to your page where we can check this.

Thanks for your reply @Teodor
Here is the URL: http://www.shibuyamosque.com/newsite/index.php

Your records point to the same image:

And this is where your path points to: http://www.shibuyamosque.com/images/articles/img/blank.gif -> non existing image. The image is not on your server, or at least not in the folder you are pointing to.

This is very strange as I am choosing a different server action file (news.php)

The right record has images saved on the server as well

Yes, the server action is the right one now and the images exist :slight_smile:
I will investigate what’s wrong and will let you know.

Hi @Teodor,

Any findings?

Thank you!

I believe the issue is related to the fact some of your slides are pointing to a non-existing image: ArtImage: "blank.gif" can you make sure to enter the path to an existing image there?

I have got it working by placing the missing “blank.gif” image file.

Thanks a lot for your support @Teodor

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