Dynamic select list issue

Trying to add a select drop down with Node.js. I have attached the datasource to the select, but it just repeats the same item. It seems that it does not create the code for the server connect data source the same way that the other server models do.

Here is my code in Node :

And here it is in ASP.NET

In Node, it looks like it does not know about the repeats. I can edit the code myself and take out scLocationList.data.qLocations[0].
and it works correctly. Anyone else have this issue?

Actually the app connect binding is completely independent from the server model.

So you just have chosen the wrong binding.

Pick the one under the repeater and not straight under the server connect.

Maybe I’m missing something here…
There is not a repeating binding to choose from. I go to Options Properties for the Form Group Select, choose my datasource, and choose the name and value. There’s not a repeating option.

Go to the Options Properties

Select the data source:

Select the values (there is no repeater to choose from)

And this is the resulting code:

I have to edit the code it creates. These steps are the same as in the documentation. When I do this exact process in the other server models, it puts the correct code it. Node does not.

What page are you working on - layout or view? If it’s a view, does it have a layout(main) page and does the server action come from the main page, or is it on the view page?

It’s a content page with a layout. The server action is in the content page, not the layout.

Working on this project all week, this issue happens every time in a content page. Wappler is not inserting the correct code in the dynamic dropdown.

Here is another issue related to this. Trying to assign a value to a session variable inside a repeating table. Wappler inserts the wrong code and is not aware it is inside a repeating region. This is again a content page.

Adding an onclick event to a button inside a table:

The code it generates is not correct.

This is the correct code after I edited it: