Dynamic markers overwrite additional marker

Here is a video showing my problem.
Briefly the page as two server connections, one retrieves a single record from a list of universities containing the latitude and longitude of the university
The second connection retrieves all associated accommodation providers with 5 miles, also with lat and lng pre geocoded.
The map displays all the selected accommodation providers on the map and this works perfectly
The map in centred on the lat & lng of the university and that works perfectly.

I also have added one additional marker to show a pin at the universities location based on the same lat & lng as the map centre
This pin shows for a fraction or a second disappears when the accommodation provider marker are drawn on the map

Here is a video of it happening, you will see a purple pin appear for a fraction of a second when the map is refreshed.

mapbug.mp4 (8.9 MB)

Any progress on this @George

I have reported similar issue where my geolocate pin stops showing when dynamic markers are added to the map. Will follow this thread.

Sorry must have missed this one.

Anyway I think you either have static or dynamic pickers. As the dynamic get loaded later they overwrite the static ones and that is what you see.

I can check with @patrick but I’m pretty sure that is the currently designed implementation of the markets

My scenario is to show the user’s position with geocode and then static to show all the sellers using dynamic around them. Almost same as @Hyperbytes. Any chance you can pull a rabbit out of the hat and make this possible?

And another rabbit while I’m at it - Any any chance we can have a class on the alternative pin image to target it with some css? I have tried getting some hook on it using inspector to weed through the map’s code, but no luck. The problem I’m trying to solve is my images do not display well on retina displays since your images are used on 1:1 ratio. I would want to set the image size with css to 32 x 32 pixels but use a 48px x 48px as to display better on retina. Just one class @George please :slight_smile: ?

Any update. It is such a common thing to have a central marker indicating a location and dynamic markers showing locations around this marker. This is a big issue for me.


Feeling unloved @George. Any update?

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Will check with @patrick I think he was working on it but other stuff got in the way :slight_smile:

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This is solved now in Wappler 1.8.2


Big thanks for that one

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