Dynamic form fields with insert command

I have a website that allows a client setup the form fields by selecting from a list of options. ALmost like a build your own website system.The options are saved in a database to display when the website is called.

for instance, a client can choose ‘Name’ ‘Email Address’ ‘Phone Number’ as form fields to display on the page.

So now, when the visitor comes to the website those form fields are displayed to fill out. What i want to do is submit the form and have an insert command attached to it, but since the form fields are on a repeat-region section, they are not always the same.

is it possible to use the Insert command but pull the dynamic values of the form fields to insert in to the database when the form is submitted?

Or if you feel there is a better option within Wappler that i am not considering, i am all ears.

Thank you

A simple option is to store the entire $POST value into a JSON field.