Dynamic Events Buttons — show which option currently is active

I often click on the Inline Flow button on a dynamic event because I can’t remember if I had it as a flow or not. Then, of course, the popup message asking if I want to convert to a flow pops up and I click “No” and the message disappears and I have to go click the other button. It would be nice that when “No” is clicked the dynamic pop up opens to get editing right away rather than having to go click the other button to open the edit pop up.

Small detail I know, but any time saver helps and seems like it would be quick and easy to implement. :wink:

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That’s a good shout as that happens to me often, too. Maybe highlight the two icons to show which one it is? That would avoid the wrong click in the first place. A simple underscore would be enough.


I would suggest to improve the UI by highlighting the type of action, rather than auto open the popup on press of no.


Nice request, I agree with Sid: visual feedback is also my preference.
For example make the flow icon a brighter colour, or give it a bg colour. Something to highlight it so we know it’s active.
Same goes for the ‘play’ button.

This way it helps improve the general sense of control and overview when developing. Easier to process what is going on.

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That works for me too. Perhaps make the active one green in color?

This is cool that someone has finally brought it up.

It must be easily visually distinguished, which one of these buttons is currently active. So users don’t have to guess every time.

My suggestion is to leave the “active” button as orange but mark another one as gray.
I feel like it works better than “orange and green”.