Dynamic Event Success not work

I have a page with a table that lists the records and for each record a button to delete it
The procedure works correctly and the record is deleted, but the page is not updated.
To update it I have to do it manually by updating on the browser (Safari or Chrome Mac)
I also tried to address to another page (see example) but it doesn’t work

@Marzio, check out the bottom part of Delete Database Records where it starts talking about:

You want your users to see when a record is deleted, so you need to reload the data source which shows the data on the page. Right click the form(1) and add new dynamic event(2):

I’ve tried that already but it doesn’t work the same
Moreover independently from this if in the dynamic event success I have the command “browser1.goto (‘index.php’)” , it should open the page index.php. But is not so

Well Marzio, please then check the dev tools for errors. If you do as described in the tutorial all must be fine.
If it’s not fine, then you have done something in the onsuccess event differently…

Ok I check