Dynamic event don't work with element inside repeat region

i have a repeat region
inside the repeat region i have a button and a text field
i add to the button a dynamic event to change the value of the text field
however nothing is happening and no errors show in the console.
i removed the repeat region. then the button dynamic event works fine

is this normal behavior?

I can’t see why that should not work inside a repeat region, but if you repeated the button 10 times and he text field 10 times then i assume each button must alter its own unique text field, so how are you referencing which button alters which text field?

its was limited to one result in the query.

hmm i see, and when you look in your console log and look at the name, id, of the text field and the name, id of your submit button are those what you would expect to see in your mind that should match what your $_POST variable is in your server action, or is this not something meant for a server action?

I am going to ask a Teodor question, what is it that you are trying to achieve, a button that just does something like clear a text field with no server interaction ever intended, or something that is going through the server into a database?

lol you know how to ask like him.
i want to increase the value of the text field by 1
so its all client side

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Well then it is certainly achievable, because i have done it. If you look at the video from this post How to view your Live Data in Wappler Design View on a secure page, what you will see is that each of those products are inside a repeat, and each product has a form field with a custom quantity selector, that i can increase or decrease, and that i have customised further by not allowing keyboard input other than up and down arrows, and that all works as expected. Maybe it is slightly different though than your setup, would have to see your page live to determine.

Can you provide a link to your page, where we can check this?