Dynamic Date Time Not possible in wappler


HI All ,

Dynamic Date Time settings are not possible in wappler, it is possible in the date component,

however we need to be able to set form etc form the date/time component.

We need these settings in the Date Time component and its settings dynamically please .


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yeap I need to …
perfect request
@george , @patrick


Hi Johny,
Can you explain what exactly is missing in Wappler or in datepicker from your screenshot, as it is not clear from your post?


@teodor when will you add datetime picker … I cant use datetime in forms
I think @johnny.hajjar wants to datetime picker like me :slight_smile:


Guys, are you referring to adding a TIME PICKER option for the Date Picker component?


its not the date picker that is missing, we also need to use “datetime” .

we can not set format etc for “DateTime Picker”


yeap :slight_smile:



Time Picker Addon?

Time Picker is planned and will be integrated in the Date Picker component in some of the next updates.

Time Picker Addon?

What exactly are you trying to do? Maybe there is already a way.


I want to add datetime picker inside form field and I want to change dynamicly date format

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