Dynamic Class Toggle for event in Calendar?

Should be simple but possibly a bug? Trying to apply a Dynamic Attribute Class Toggle to an event within the Calendar and does not seem to apply?

Our Class in this instance is called linethrough:


This works in our tables and in other areas but not within the Calendar itself. And likewise with Tooltips which do not appear either, nor do Dynamic Titles respectfully.

Any advice appreciated! Probably just being the usual moron and missing something simple...


Update for Tooltips within the Calendar.

Click on the Calendar Component within the page then click Dynamic Attributes and select Calendar / Tooltips, select your Binding and voila Tooltips are displayed. We were trying to use Dynamic Attributes / Display / Tooltip (which doesn't work).

Still can't get the Dynamic Class working though but thought I'd mention the above to save further investigation of that side.

To which html element do you apply the dmx-class attribute?

Hi @patrick,
We would like to apply it to the event itself.

The event element doesn't support the class toggle, maybe I can make it work in the future. As a workaround you can use the Class Name binding and use event.extendedProps.concluded == 1 ? 'linethrough' : '' as the expression.

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