Dynamic Bootstrap Tables

hi ,could any one tell how i create Dynamic Bootstrap Tables with full function (CRUD) and with search in Wappler

Have you watched the videos?

and " with search in Wappler" can you explain me what exactly ?

not in wappler I mean search in table Generate by Dynamic Bootstrap Tables ,Could you send me the link of the video,to see the steps

you can create dynamic tables ...

  1. create simple table
  2. choose repeating tags ( tags)
    3 then select dynamic attributes -> repeaters --> repeat

you can list your all data

then you can add update delete etc..

Delete database records video

Thats something that would be difficult to explain in a forum. Bets thing to do is watch the videos on dmxzone.com for App Connect and Server Connect Dreamweaver Extensions. They are almost identical to how you would do it in Wappler.

this is really so so simple with dmxzone extensions … Only watch videos …

it can be a bit complicated on startup but really easy …

review JavaScript operators as advice …


You will also want to check out the Security Provider tools to be able to add a secure login to your CRUD options so that no one can access them and mess with your data.

Should also note that you need a Pro license for Wappler to access the tools needed to create what you are wanting to do.

thank all for big support :slight_smile:

Hello, yes you can create a data table which lists your database records. You can add to it CRUD functionality as well.
Tutorials about working with dynamic data are coming in a couple of days.

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