Dynamic Binds Slow

I was trying to remove binds from the app side for about 10 or mins after id actually deleted them form the server action but then things got worse, I clicked the collapse all and expand all buttons on the app binds (expand all crashed me) now all my binds on this page take ages to load every single time. Also im not sure about this but it looked like I had a constant repeating repeat somehow created in the binds it was repeating in its self at least 3 times (it was only one normal repeat) but my issue now is it is just so slow to open the app binds

I am sorry but your explanation is not really clear.
Can you start again explaining what is wrong exactly?

I was working in a server action and deleted some of the old repeats I wasn’t using anymore they was just normal repeats but then on the app side when I was trying to bind new data I couldn’t get the old data binds from the old repeats to remove. Eventually I clicked the expand all button at the top of the data binds and then it crashed Wappler completely. On loading back up on that page the bind menu takes like 15 - 25 seconds to show the binds now where as other pages load in seconds

As you can see the repeat opens and then opens in itself again and again, I managed to remove the old data from the first few but then it gets it back and keeps repeating

for some reason the video didn’t upload properly ill try again but every time I hit repeat_users_rows it then re repeats it

Well what exactly do you have in your server action and on the page?

I had a server connect api that got into a state where upon every save it did something similar. It was as if the repeat was repeating itself over and over again (dozens of times). The file size grew with every save. When I opened the raw file I could see that while it displayed correctly in Wappler, it had hundreds of redundant lines of code. To fix, I manually edited the file.

So, you might want to look at the guts of the api to see if things look corrupt.

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Yeah the action is very corrupt this hopefully also explains the slow bind menu the file has 3619354 lines in and is 302.8 MB, probably easier to just recreate my action in this case.

Yes we had similar reports before. It happen if you create or reference a self repeating element that endlessly repeat it self in the output.

Like a child repeater that points to its parent as repeating expression.

Ah that makes sense thanks for this useful info can you just check if this is correct

Is that how that should look the query is get_rows_images, the property is the users_content_modules_images_group, with value single

it is inside of a repeat also just wasn’t sure if this is where the reference errors started

I can now confirm that removing the old file for the new one has also fixed the slow load times on the binds

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