DW converting to Wappler

I would like to switch completely to Wappler but what should be done with my dozens of sites developed in DW with its extensions.

What is the procedure? I have already done some experiments and I think a lot of work needs to be done again. Not to mention the cleaning up of unnecessary libraries and code created by DW.
It would be handy if we had a manual for converting DW websites to Wappler websites.

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I worked some years ago with DW and this old version used native PHP includes and Server connections to make DB interaction.

So what I would say we had with old DW this concept:

DW <β€”β€”>PHP/ASP

Now with wappler its this way:
Wappler <β€”β€” JSON β€”β€”> PHP/ASP

Maybe Iβ€˜m wrong but I guess you need to copy whole website without PHP/Connectivity and rebuild your connectors

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My websites are static so I don’t worry about php :smile:

There is already a documented way in the official Wappler documents Migrating Dreamweaver Site Definitions into Wappler, hope this helps.