Duplicating Columns in App Structure hit and miss

When Duplicating Columns or other items in App Structure I am unable to duplicate them using the app structure menu. What’s odd is— I choose duplicate column and if it doesn’t work - then I try another item of same type ie column on same page to test and it works fine - so some will and some won’t.

I have use code view to duplicate the problem items. also I seem to have to either close and reopen pages or quit and restart Wappler to show some changes. Should i do a reinstall ? (running latest Wappler as always — any guidance appreciated.

Also was the duplicate icon in design view retired - I don’t see it any longer.

Duplicate button in App Structure has not always been reliable for me either. Sometimes, just refreshing the app connect panel or re-opening the file works.
But, I can’t really reproduce this bug… so haven’t reported before.

One reason I can think of is that probably the kind of items nested inside the item being duplicated causes this issue. As you would have noticed, not all items are allowed to be added inside any item… so it could be that duplicate option fails when a different item is nested.

Some components the design view sometimes doesn’t render correctly after adding them, so in some cases you need to refresh it. The duplicate button was indeed removed, we wanted to have a cleaner layout but you can still use the short-cut CTRL+D to duplicate the selected element or do it in the App Connect tree.