Duplicated Element IDs code view synching to design view


Sure George, here you go.

Page has BS4 via CDN (.php), Container / Row / Column / Card.

Video attached:

2019-02-09_15-08-04.mp4 (8.6 MB)

As you can see the page is very basic and the issue is intermittent. But you can get the idea. When working with lots of elements in Code View then going back to Design View the changes do not show in many circumstances.

Saving, closing, and opening the page again displays the changes.

Sometimes you have to be careful as Wappler seems to cache pages if they are not closed on exit, then on starting Wappler the cached page is displayed (even though the page was saved). If you accidentally save this cached page all changes made are over-written. That is a separate issue which I am trying to capture when it occurs. Sometimes Wappler crashes in this instance, and memory usage sky rockets.

Thanks George, hope the above helps.


Just wanted to add these duplicate entries were ID’s for Labels (I removed them). Thought that may help?


I don’t see any double ID’s on your page Dave… I thought we were talking about double id’s

This is a very different problem with inline text editing …

So which problem are you actually talking about?


Synchronisation between Code/Design Views.

Apologies George.


The difficulty is pinpointing what causes the issue. Initially we thought it may be due to errors in the page, duplicate ID’s and ancient MM code using ‘eval’. That page was cleaned up and reports no issues. So the theory that it was duplicate ID’s causing the issue went out the window when we experienced the same issues with a basic page with no duplicate ID’s, simply BS 4. It appears though error checking has no impact on the issue with Code/Design View synchronisation. Hope that makes sense…?

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Yes, but that makes it also difficult for us to solve.

With code synchronization to design view - we mean entering code in code view and that should display in design view.

So try to focus on that issue.

Inline text editing within design view it self - is a total different thing - so if you have issues with it, its better to isolate it and file a different topic about it.


Thanks George.


We have improved this greatly in the latest update of Wappler 1.9.0

Could you check again?

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