Duplicate site

For the first time I made a website exclusively with Wappler
Wanting to create another site that in some sections is very similar (especially the back-end section), I would like to know if there are any contraindications to duplicating the local folder and then proceeding to the necessary variations
Or is there another more appropriate method?

or is it possible to duplicate single pages and / or server actions from one site to another?

You can duplicate any sections: whole sites, or specific pages or server actions. The fact that a site is created in Wappler doesn’t make any difference. Obviously there will be different settings etc., but if the basic structure (including the database tables) is the same, then in principal you can reuse code between sites.

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thanks, I had the doubt that there are integrity codes on the pages


I wouldn’t have thought that would be an issue. I think the security hash is valid as long as the file content matches. (But I could be wrong.)

That’s right, the integrity value won’t cause any issues. It’s related to the CDN, not to your domain/site.

thanks Teodor now I’m safer