Duplicate full SQLite database to remote target on initial deploy

Is there a way to duplicate a full local NodeJS+SQLite setup’s SQLite database on initial deploy to a remote target without having to apply all the changes (which has become a very long list at development completion) one by one?

If I had been using a MySQL db on the local development target I would have clicked “Save Database Data and Structure” and it would have been duplicated in an instant to the remote target, but that option is not present with SQLite selected as the local target’s db.

At present i do not think it is possible to replicate data to the production server via Wappler.
In order to do this you would need to export the data via a 3rd party product then import the data into the production database.
I believe it is still on the 2023 roadmap to add import/ export capabilities to the database manager but obviously cannot predict when this will come.
For SQLite on windows platform I use DB browser for SQLite (free) and also Heidi SQ:L is very food for remote databases (also free). Sorry can’t advise re mac if you are a mac user

Thanks Brian, I was quite sure it wasn’t possible, but just wanted to make absolutely sure I didn’t miss out on a new Wappler feature :slight_smile:
I use DBeaver a lot btw, also a nice (free) tool.
There are SQLite to MySQL database file converters available as well. Think I am going to try one of those somewhere soon and will let you know if that works.

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As a setup put forward as an idea “!ocal”, non docker environment, lack of data replication is an issue. I am assuming that the knex api, which Wappler uses, places that restriction.

EDIT - knex appears to deal with SQLite so not sure what the issue is