Dropzone no longer working if thumbs==false

Wappler Version : 6.5.4
Operating System :
Server Model:
Database Type:
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Expected behavior

When using a dropzone component, I should be able to reference the file.dataUrl value for images and show/hide, even if the thumbs attribute is set to false.

Actual behavior

My images no longer show, even though a value is present for file.dataUrl.

The form still works and the file input is properly saved, but my previews are no longer showing.

How to reproduce

<input is="dmx-dropzone" id="file_hero" type="file" name="file_hero" message="" accept=".png, .jpg, .jpeg" thumbs="false" style="z-index: 2;" dmx-on:click="hero_image_deleted.uncheck()">
   <img dmx-bind:src="file_hero.file.dataUrl.default(get_sales_page.data.sales_page.hero_image_url)" class="sales_page_image">

@patrick I know this was working at some point in the AC2 testing, but this issue has returned. Sorry, I don't know which version caused this, it slipped through my tests.

Sorry to bump this so quickly @patrick but this is deployed to production (since I missed it in testing).

Fix didn't make it in today's update, but here the update that should fix it. Please let me know if it works, will then be included in the next update.

dmxDropzone.zip (7.6 KB)

That does it! Thank you.

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