Dropzone and Repeat Regions

Hi all,
I previously posted this over a year ago but I am now in need of the functionality. As it stands, once I place Dropzone with a repeat region the functionality is lost. The input shows as a normal file field. But once I remove it out of the repeat zone it reverts back to a dropzone. Any advice on how I can get this to work will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for the assistance.

That is probably due to the ID for the form input field not being unique. If I remember right, the assigned ID is image. This will need to be image1, image2 etc.

Hi Ben,
Unfortunately this did not work. I went as far as making the IDs dynamic please see code:

<input dmx-bind:id="'sigShare'+$index" name="shareholder_signature" type="file" class="form-control-file" required="" accept=".png, .jpg, .jpeg" multiple="true" is="dmx-dropzone">

Result :

<input name="shareholder_signature" type="file" class="form-control-file" multiple="true" is="dmx-dropzone" id="sigShare0" accept=".png, .jpg, .jpeg">

Any other suggestions where I may be going wrong

Dropzone cannot be used in repeat regions.

Ok understood. Thanks