Drop-zone validation: please improve

First of all thanks for adding validation to drop-zone.

Unfortunately there is no real support for native AC Validation messages, we just get a basic alert. Also, if using Max Total File Size, the user has to click the alert for every selected file, but he doesn’t know that as there is no information.

The validation should be implemented in a more user-friendly way, like add all the images to the drop-zone but prevent submission of the form and show the alert message/total file size next to the form field. Then the user should be able to decide which file he wants to remove and the total file size should dynamicly being updated.

And please also implement dynamic value support as we maintain all these values in our CMS from database values, not static values. Thanks!

Yes we evaluated display of messages but with the standard drop zone controls there is no dedicated place for messages yet.

Maybe you can suggest a place? Give a visual sample.

It is also complicated because you deal with many upload files at once. Like dropping 10 files at once and what when 5 fail with different validation errors and 5 succeed? Where should we display all this info and how detailed?

Currently failed files are just ignored.

For single file error messages: can you add these into the images similar to the size?

Hi George. I’d place them just under the field, so it looks identical to the “normal” validation messages: