Drop Down on user side -- not dynamic


I am building a series of question that patients will have to answer. There are some the question is straight text in a textbox. But in others I want either yes or no or yes no maybe or four of five possible choices. The answer is passed to a text field in the database. I want for different questions on the form to make a drop down possibility which is passed to the form as a text field. I want to avoid another table or different fields for text boolean and so on.
I know that in ACCESS this is possible.
I am sure there is a workaround here. I do not see it – the nearest is the menu dropdown
Thanks in advance — if there is coding I prefer to build ancillary tables !!


It’s not really clear what are you trying to achieve on your page:

You mention dropdowns but also text field? What’s the desired result?


In my database, I am using an enumerator with 5 defined answers. How will I show them in the form dedicated to the table with the enumerator field in it? Alternatively, can I limit the possible answers on the user side?
For example To the Question, "How did you handle your emotions? The possibilities are: ’ I wasn’t unaware’ ; ‘I was aware but acted out,’ ; I was aware and contained my behaviour’.
By the way, I love your product – following the tutorials is good and efficient. The how to’s are not always consecutive. If you ever want a feedback – I’ll give it-- but in good spirit


Are you after dynamic selects, eg depending on what the question is it will show different options in the drop down?


Enumerated fields and drop-downs are basically incompatible due to the lack of easy ways to return the different values as a table which I suspect you want to do. Personally I never use them,
i would use a two table approach personally


I was getting round to that – pity . But back to the database :slight_smile: