Drag and drop bindings from Panel to Design (expand the table, drag and drop the column)

I’d like to request a feature that was in Dreamweaver years ago and was really a great feature! The ability to expand the table and select columns directly from it, then drag and drop the selected columns in to the Design itself. It was one of the best features for Dynamic Data in Dreamweaver, and was as simple as it could be. Expand - drag - drop - done.

Remember this:



Well although it might seems useful, these days you almost never want to add dynamic text binding directly like this.

You always bind the data binding to a specific attribute, not just as inner contents.

That is to prevent FOUC (flash of unstyled content) - a flash of the expression before the data is loaded.

And having a choice to which attribute you want the binding is difficult to do with drag and drop. So we have the inspector UI for this.

I remember this well from the past. The Preloader did a great job of hiding this. None the less being able to see the columns themselves by expanding the table was very useful.

I appreciate the reply George, thank you.


I don’t understand this big push for drag and drop features. Perhaps it’s because I don’t use a mouse due to arthritis in my fingers. Having said that I remember the days of drag and drop well. Along with it I remember constantly dropping things in the wrong spot accidently and having to redo it.

But I still don’t get how dragging and dropping is any faster than clicking?