Downgrade/Change License


Hello All,

I wanted to change my license from pro edu to the basic edu. I cant find a place to make this change and downgrade my license. Any help will be greatly appeciated. Thank You!


Are you currently paying monthly or did you subscribe for a year? You should be able to go to your account settings (bottom left corner of the UI) and cancel your auto renewal. It will still be on the Pro plan until your next billing date.


currently in my trial period. But once it is over I would want to license the basic edu. It says that if I cancel now, I lose the trial period. Should I just wait till the last day of trial and then cancel, and resubscribe to the basic edu?


Hello Anuj,
The trial period offers what your selected plan offers. So you can just cancel it any time before it ends and subscribe for a different plan.


When you cancel you will indeed lose the trial. You can wait until the last day, make sure you cancel it on time before your credit card is being charged. When you resubscribe to the basic license you won’t have a trial anymore.