Does Wappler support team collaboration?

Hello I’m new to Wappler but I want to know what the current capabilities of Wappler are. I’m looking to create an alternative to so that’s how I found Wappler. Is it possible to create and customize your own messaging/collaboration within Wappler? If a user signs up to my web app and logins, is he/she able to comment/collaborate kinda like Slack? In other words, could I create something like Slack with Wappler?

Had a very quick look at zenefits and yes I don’t think there will be any issues building something similar, although I need to tell you that it is not something that can be built in a day or a week. Wappler is a software that will reduce your developing time to minimum and with it you will create a result that otherwise you would need 2-3 more people to build it right (an advanced front-end developer, an advanced back-end developer, a ux guy).

Hi @ijp,

You can build similar system with Wappler, but such functionality is too complex to just tell you “yes, you can create and customize your own messaging/collaboration within Wappler”. This is not a function ready out of the box, that you just click and add.
You need to know at least what is needed to build such functionality and relations between users. But with the database tools we provide in Wappler this is possible, just as @t11 explained.

We can testify to the power of DMX and Wappler. We developed and deployed several platforms that allow for team based scenarios, assignments, support, management, collaboration, scheduling, etc, all using, originally, DMX Extensions, but everything crossed over to Wappler flawlessly. Essentially you can build what you see with some planning and a road map. And a little coffee…


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Thanks for the responses. I appreciate them.