Docker vs. MAMP

My employer has surprised me by ordering me a new 16" MacBook Pro. I want to set up all my current and future projects with a local server. Do I go with Docker or MAMP? What are the advantages one over the other?

My current and future sites are:

  • Remote Host does not support Docker
  • I use Navicat for MySQL

Any advice?

If your target doesn’t support docker deployment then I personally I would go for the MAMP option.

Two reasons, you are using a fully features server and database and secondly more control of your environment

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My one question about using Wappler with MAMP is database connections. How do you handle remote and local data connections?

Just define two targets, MAMP and remote, Develop into MAMP then switch to remote when appropriate and upload. Database is a bit more fiddly as you need to keep the structures in sync, personally I do that manually, when i change local i also change remote but that is my preference.

There is a discussion on that here

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I do the same as @Hyperbytes. Just one thing to add (which may be obvious): make sure your database name, and username/passwords etc. are set in your local enviroment to match the remote version, so you can switch from one to the other easily.

Thanks guys … going with MAMP PRO as I am already familiar with how to use it and I can connect to it easily with Navicat.

I just don’t see any advantages to Docker at all.

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