Docker: "No available IPv4 address pool"

I’ve started a new web but Docker’s saying “ERROR: could not find an available, non-overlapping IPv4 address pool among the defaults to assign to the network” and wont deploy.

I’ve tried removing some test sites from Docker but it didn’t help. I closed down both Docker and Wappler numerous times but that didn’t help either. Does anyone know how to expand the IPv4 addresses? I assume that’s what needs doing? I’m not computer savvy with this sort of stuff so I’m at a loss. Thanks.

After trying different things for two days, I copied the network address the official docker tutorial was using – – and it worked. :grinning:

If anyone else has this problem, go to Docker Desktop app then to the Resources > Networks section and input the address above under the ‘Docker subnet’ section.

I hope it doesn’t prevent other stuff from working but for now, all’s well.