Docker local DB connection failing

W5 beta 10
Win 10
Node and PHP

When creating a new docker automatically created db local connection the connection fails.
same in both PHP and Node
See video

What exactly is failing? Do you get an error message or so below in the publishing panel on deploy?

Do note that it takes a minute for the new database server to start up, so it can give you a connection error during it start up. You can just refresh the database connection afterwards and it will all show up fine.

This is normally all done automatically but if you go and open database manager too quickly while the server is still starting up, an connection error might show up - usually as tooltip next to the connection icon error.

Yes. My bad George, came back to it (been 15 mins) and it is working perfectly now. Maybe my machine is running very slow today, its had a bit of a thrashing over last 48 hrs!. Maybe a restart required!

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