Docker: Local Databases

I just got the cheapest M1 Mac you can get, the MacMini, and it is a beast compared to all my pre M1 macs, well worth it and cheeper than a custom PC. I did get the 512gb storage version as you can not upgrade hard drive afterwards. Love it.


Totally agree. That’s the route I went… Can add monitors etc. without costing the Earth and it’s properly RAPID!


I have a Mac and a Windows computer on my desk. I’m not a great Mac fan and use Windows most of the time. However, the Mac is a new Mac mini and I’m reallly impressed. It’s the basic version and cost £557.50 (+VAT) in the UK, which seems cheap to me. I need to upgrade my main Windows computer soon and will probably spend a great deal more than this.


You can count on that :joy:

Last year I bought a maxed out and overpriced second-hand 15” macbook pro 2015 as no Mac Apple built from 2015 onwards was worth the money. Then M1 arrived.

I bought it with nodejs money.

I am just waiting patiently for the 16” macbook pro with ARM to arrive. It will be paid with blood and tears of php developers.


Ahhh good old Acorn. Come along way since the days of the Electron hahaha. An amazing story in itself. So much so they made a film about it.




He might have lost but I own one of these.

And I also have a few of these stored in a box.


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Thanks to your rather large picture @JonL, my youngest daughter happened to see it while bringing me a coffee and said “Oh, so thats where qwerty comes from, its just the first 6 letters on a keyboard”, keeping in mind, she is not the sharpest tool in the shed, I was quite proud she learned something.
She told her friend who is from Germany and was met with a picture of her keyboard which starts with “qwertz” and told me I made her look stupid, as her new found knowledge did not fit all language barriers.
Considering your picture caused all this trouble, I figured I would share my woes with you.

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Hahahaha lmao. Woes of the “fird” world!

Let her know that I am profoundly sorry and to apologize for this egregious affront here she has a link so she can hate us both even more.