dmxConnectLib error after site transfer to a new server

I just transferred my domain to a new server (with the same provider) and I am getting the following error:
code: 0
file: “/home/username/public_html/dmxConnectLib/lib/core/Session.php”
line: 9
message: “session_start(): open(/var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea-php72/sess_20c18484c5eed2147eee3a9da76f154b, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2)”
trace: “#0 [internal function]: exception_error_handler(2, ‘session_start()…’, ‘/home/username…’, 9, Array)\n#1 /home/username/public_html/dmxConnectLib/ lib/core/Session.php(9): session_start()\n#2 /home/username/public_html/dmxConnectLib/lib/App.php(38): lib\core\Session->__construct()\n #3 /home/username/public_html/dmxConnect/api/actionservername.php(5): lib\App->__construct()\n#4 {main}”

Any idea please?

There seems to be an issue with the permissions on your server temp folder.