Dmx-show or hide inside map marker info param

Trying to show info based on if the query returns a value in a google map with dynamic markers. Does not seems to work though. Please check my syntax and let me know if it is incorrect:

marker-info="'<span dmx-show=&quot;' + Ename + '&quot;>' + Ename + '<br/></span>' + full + '<span dmx-show=&quot;' + rating + '&quot;><br>' + rating + '</span> + <span dmx-hide=&quot;' + rating + '&quot;>Not rated yet</span>'"

Also tried this:

marker-info="<span dmx-show=&quot;{{Ename}}&quot;>{{Ename}}<br/></span>{{full}}<span dmx-show=&quot;rating&quot;><br>{{rating}}</span><span dmx-hide=&quot;rating&quot;>Not rated yet</span>"

I do not have a solution for the above but I was able to overcome the limitations by doing all my conditions in the back-end and then just using set value to have the values for the field ready for the front end.

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