Dmx-serverconect and $_POST

It’s possible with just dmx-serverconnect to be able to use $_POST variables on queries.
I know it works OK with $_GET, but I do prefer the use of $_POST.
I see that dmx-serverconnect-form does it, but I need to use it on just a report, not a form.

Most propably yes, but I also find very useful to use cookies, or sessions. Depends on what you want to achieve

POST vars are used when you are submitting data using a form. You cannot use them without a form. Use GET vars for anything you want to pass to the server action which is not using a form.

Yes, i would suggest you consider session variables or cookes as @t11 says. The only alternative is to embed buttons inside forms on your report with hidden fields to pass parameters as $POST

OK. But if the report I want to process came from a Form, dmx-serverconnect still do not allow $_POST. I prefer all to be process by $_POST, not having any parameters on the navigation path. Including those hidden input fields.

Please clarify what exactly are you doing and what is not allowed?

use sessions then
they will not be visible to the user in the navigation path

I have a dmx-serverconnect-form to fill a table with dmx-repeat.
Inside the repeat on each row there is a button that will request a report from another page, and It will pass the request as POST to the report page.
The report page does not require a form, and I use dmx-serverconnect, and the query will have a conditional field based on the $_POST, but dmx-serverconnect is called with URL, and do not have method=post, it does not work.
I will try the suggested session or cookie as part of an dmx:on:click but maybe you can plan for a type of dmx-serverconnection that allows POST.

Maybe you can provide a link to your page(s) in a private message so i can check what are you doing, as your explanation is a little unclear (what you get from where and post where).