Dmx-bind:value on a Summernote Area Sometimes Renders A Blank Editor Window

i have a summernote text area defined like this:

<textarea id="i_message_content_email" name="content_email" is="dmx-summernote" class="form_control input_text" dmx-bind:value=""
	dmx-bind:toolbar="[['font',['bold','underline','clear']],['color',['color','undo']],['para',['ul','ol','paragraph']],['insert',['picture','link']],['view',['fullscreen']]]" min-height="200" theme="lite"

It is within a large form containing various text input and the summernote area, and the form is defined like this:

<form novalidate="" id="f_message_template" autocomplete="off" method="post" is="dmx-serverconnect-form" action="dmxConnect/api/message_templates/update_message_template.php" dmx-populate=""  class="form_right">

and the message_template server connect is defined like this:

<dmx-serverconnect id="message_template" url="dmxConnect/api/message_templates/message_template.php" noload="noload" dmx-on:success="f_message_template.reset();f_message_template.i_message_content_email.reset()"></dmx-serverconnect>

When my app executes the server connect message_template and there is a new value for the dmx-bind:value, sometimes the summernote area appears blank instead of displaying the value of

(I can see what the value of is from the network tab of devtools so I know it isn’t an empty string or null)

Best wishes,

I seem to have found a solution!

When the server connect completes, I was resetting both the form and the summernote:


I’ve now removed the summernote reset and it seems to be working okay:


@teodor, can you confirm that the solution I have is the recommended way of working please?


@teodor, do you have any thoughts on this? :slight_smile: