Displaying values from variables created in Server Connect

I know there have been related questions before, but I still can’t find a satisfactory solution. This is a general question but here is an example.

During an import process, some records are imported and some are updated. I put the relevant values into session variables like this:


I can display these values after the import, but only by echoing the session values with PHP, and using javascript to reload the page. The results is rather clunky: I want to show a notification following a successful import, but this in interrupted by the page refresh (which I would like to avoid anyway).

Is there a way within Wappler to display variables created in Server Connect in situations like this? I suppose I could store the values in a database, but that would be a rather complicated way to achieve what should be a simple task. I would be grateful for any suggestions.

Should that be a session?
You can use SET VALUE step instead, and enable output option. Then on the front end you can use the SET VALUE step value, as any other binding:


Thanks Teodor,

I tried using Set Value - where I put the session + 1 step - but the value would not increase. It worked for sessions, so I used them. Perhaps I was using the Set Value in the wrong way. I’ll try again.

What was the result? I've used it many times and it worked really fine.

Great - I’m making progress. I’ve added curly brackets round the variable in server connect and now it’s incrementing. I couldn’t see a way of picking it and I had obviously entered it incorrectly. However, I haven’t managed to get it to display yet.

I’ve added the variable in server connect like this:


… and it’s incrementing correctly:


The server connect file is linked to a form in app connect. There is no sign of the variable under the form elements:


I tried adding an extra server connect file - the same one the form uses - but the variable doesn’t appear there either. I created a variable with the same name in App Connect:


… in case that was needed. But still no luck. What should I do to capture that value which is now being created correctly anyway?

The variable won’t appear in the data picker as it’s inside a condition and we don’t know what the condition result it.
You can just use it like: {{serverconnectName.data.setValueStepName}} on your page.

I should have mentioned I had tried a few options like this - obviously not the right one.

The server connect variable is called ‘updatetotal’. I’ve tried this with the following:

Server connect form name:

Extra server connect (same as used for the form)

The name of the actual server connect file

So it does not return any value on your page? Where have you used this - on the page directly or in some component?
There is no logical reason for it not to show anything on the page if you see it in the output json.

Edit: I now see it is in a repeat, maybe your expression is just wrong.

No, it’s not in any component. I tried these options in new paragraph.

Could the problem be that the variable is in a loop? I can get it to display correctly if I do something like this:


… but of course I’ve having to supply the array index (which I want it to give to me).

You can add a new variable, after the repeat(loop) step, which sums the updatetotal for each of the repeat steps.
Then use the total binding on the page.

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I tried adding a new variable after the repeat, but am not sure what the expression should be here:


The value I need is the final value of updatetotal. I thought just assigning the new variable to this might work, but it doesn’t. I don’t know what I could try here.

Set updatetotal value to 1, then use the sum filter to sum all the values in the updatetotal2.

Thanks - I’m sure I must be very close now. I don’t think I can quite choose what I need using the picker, but I arrived at this:
… which isn’t quite right.

I have to collect a few daughters from a coach now, so shall have to stop for the moment. I really appreciate your help - particularly on a saturday night. I think you’ve earned a few beers by now.

Please use:


…and …and does it work @TomD, I might run out of bookmarks in this thread in a bit, @Teodor is giving me some handy tips.