Displaying results of multiple queries

I have created keyword searches before - where several words in a single text field are split up and used to search in several fields. This involves creating as many ORs in the query as needed and duplicating all the fields to search in each one - resulting in a very long query.

I wondered if it would possible to do this in a better way, so, in Server Connect, I defined the Repeat as: {{$_GET.keywords.split(" ")}} and then used {{$value}} in the query condition. Opening this in the browser and adding some keyword parameters, this seemed to work, except the results of the separate queries were shown one after another.

In App Connect, I could define a repeat like this:
… and this would show the results for the first query (ie the first keyword entered). If I changed the [0] to [1], then I would get the second query etc…

This all makes sense, but Is there a way I can get all the results returned together or should I stick to my original method for searching multiple keywords (which is cumbersome and means you have to define the maximum number of words to search)? Perhaps there is a quite different way which would be better.