Display problems in Wappler Editor

I encounter a display problem in Wappler (MacOS Catalina)
On the site the visualization is correct and does not create problems, but in Wappler it appears as from screenshot
Furthermore this does not always happen. At certain times the display is correct

Please paste the code for this section here and add 3 backticks: ``` before the the code and after the code so we can check it.

          <div class="card">
            <a href="" dmx-bind:href="scheda.php?idauto={{IDAuto}}">
            <img class="card-img-top img-fluid" alt="imageFile" dmx-bind:src="/galleries/{{IDAuto}}/{{imageFile}}">
            <div class="card-body pt-0 pb-0">
              <div class="d-flex style359 text-body mt-2 mr-2">
              <div class="d-block p-1 font-weight-bold text-body" dmx-text="marca"></div>
              <div class="d-block p-1 text-body" dmx-text="modello"></div>
              <div class="d-flex text-body style360 mt-n1">
              <div class="d-block p-1 text-body" dmx-text="versione .trunc(&quot;40&quot;, true, &quot;...&quot;)">                  </div>
              <div class="d-flex text-body style361 mt-n2">
              <div class="d-block p-1 font-weight-bold text-body" dmx-text="prezzo_vendita.toNumber().formatCurrency(&quot;€ &quot;, &quot;,&quot;, &quot;.&quot;, 0)"></div>
              <div class="d-flex text-black-50 style358 mt-n2">
                <div class="d-block p-1 text-body" dmx-text="km_percorsi.toNumber().formatNumber(0, &quot;,&quot;, &quot;.&quot;)">km</div>
                <div class="d-block p-1 text-body">Km</div>
                <div class="d-block p-1 ml-auto text-body" dmx-text="immatricolazione.formatDate(&quot;MM/yyyy&quot;)"></div>
              <div class="d-flex text-black-50 style364">
                <div class="d-block p-1 text-body" dmx-text="potenza_kw.toNumber().formatNumber(0, &quot;,&quot;, &quot;.&quot;)+' KW'"></div>
                <div class="d-block p-1 text-body" dmx-text="potenza_cv.toNumber().formatNumber(0, &quot;,&quot;, &quot;.&quot;)+' CV'"></div>
                <div class="d-block p-1 ml-auto text-body" dmx-text="Descr_alimentazione"></div>

Use backticks please: ``` not quotes!


Ok sorry

Now is correct

It happens when a div is empty or Wappler thinks it is empty. Like

<div class="d-block p-1 font-weight-bold text-body" dmx-text="marca"></div>

At this moment Wappler doesn’t always recognize the dynamic content, will have that improved for the next update. As a workaround you could just put some placeholder text inside the div.

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Thanks Patrick
Now it is OK