Display large icons in list view with small icons


Please consider adding a setting to display the large icons (right column) in a list view with small icons like the left column so you don’t have to scroll up and down so much reading the text of each large icon. Also add a setting to sort these options in alpha order.

For example:
BS4 Icon Button
BS4 Icon Flex Container
BS4 Icon Form Row
BS4 Icon Input Form Group
BS4 Icon Row

Font Awesome : toggle to show more icons in view

Interesting - this might be indeed a good option. Being able to switch between thumbnail/list view
Once you switch should it become the default?




While on this topic, removing duplicate search results would also be helpful. Duplicate results are due to suggestions & actual option set.
For example in above screen shot, if I were to search for Button, it will show two Button components - one from Suggested and one from Forms.