Display form response data

Hello Wapplers,

I have a tricky question regarding displaying data which is received as an response after form being send.
So I have a table were each row contains a form. After submitting the form - there is an response from server action. Question is - which is best way to display received data in Dynamic Modal?

As a workaround after form success trigger I’m adding all received value in to Session Storage Manager and then displaying the modal, but is it the best and optimal way to do this?

Can’t the modal access the form response directly instead of putting into a session variable?

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What’s the purpose of storing them in a session storage manager rather than just displaying the values in the modal?

Be very careful using the storage in session method, you can have timing issues where the previous value is set rather than the latest.
You should be able to access the value directly from the repeat

I didn’t know that you can place Modal inside cell.
Thank you!