Display All Records When User selects All in Select menu

Hi All,

I have a paged query that I am filtering based on values in 3 Select Dropdowns.
Based on the Value of SELECT 1, SELECT 2 displays different options. This works perfectly.
I added another filtering option SELECT 3. This also works.
My issue is I want an option in SELECT 3 which displays all results based SELECT 2. Something like Display records without considering What is in SELECT 3. How do I make this work. @Teodor

If that’s select 3:

Then put it in a separate group (not as rule in the same group with select 2) and add the GET variable as a condition there.

Thanks Teodor, I must say it didn’t quite work after adding the condition to a new group. That was 1 part. I had to leave the Value of Option 1(Don’t Filter) empty. Then it worked.
Thanks a mil.