Discussion about Airtable API

What is AirTable and what is the benefit to users? I don’t recall any feature requests for this?

Just curious as to what it is (their website is less than useful) and why we need it? :wink:

Just some fancy excel-like spreadsheets API, quite popular recently in the no-code world. Can be used as a database for your site …

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This will be useful for pure no-coders. Now they know that they favourite online database can be used with Wappler easily.

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I got a little excited when I had a look at Airtable and thought you had added draggable columns and kanban component


This post might open the pandora’s box of requests asking for examples on connecting to other API services - and no one replying to them. Maybe rename it to something more generic like ‘Using nested objects in BS4 table generator’.

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Agree with the concern but It would be easier to specify that this is an “officially supported” API because the title is exactly what is covered. The alternative name suggested is “too generic or technical” in this case instead of the existing straightforward wording.

For example: “We Love Doors” or “We love hinged, sliding, or revolving barriers at the entrance to a building, room, or vehicle, or in the framework of a cupboard” its correct but not friendly for new comers especially the no-code/low-code crowd. Although the longer title would be a good description in the opening of the article.

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I’m not really sure if I understand you here, but if you are thinking that this post means that Airtable API is “officially” supported by Wappler - that is not the case.
There is no 3rd party API that Wappler supports officially.

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That’s why it was in quotes - Its more of a buzz word & could help draw a line, or it could be “official example” or the phrase is irreverent and does not need to be included at all, it was just a suggestion not an assumption.

Not so much enthusiasm … :wink:

Well, it’s quite popular in the nocode world, where “database” is a dirty word, hense my enthusiasm :slight_smile:
I’ve seen someone in bubble community saying “who will ever bother setting up and using a database, when you have airtable? Databases are so old-school!” :wink:

But if people like it so much and it’s so popular, then they can just use it.


This is what i think about Airtable… :poop:
The end
Pd.: you can still redeem yourself and implement Mongodb in the next update :grin: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@sid, a different perspective; all types of users are valid, as are their questions, and opinion(s). From the perspective of someone who enjoys Wappler because it provides me the opportunity to better understand and learn things, which I would normally not have the opportunity. Multiple questions from many users are helpful. Continuing to respond to what is important at the time and postponing or simply saying at this time we have to prioritize our focus… That way Wappler might have a better understanding of what the entire user population needs rather than those who are either more forceful in seeking responses or feel their use case is more important (who doesn’t).

What @Teodor provided is useful for a variety of reasons at least to me. First, I am interested in understanding more about the feature he mentioned with regard to “supporting nested table structures.” I have struggled in this area and think the solution may be at hand. Had he not created that example I may have missed the potential solution.


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Also, Airtable has a valuation of $2.5 billions. They must be doing something right :smiley:

In any case, it’s just additional documentation on APIs and how Wappler integrates with them.

But I do get Sid’s point also. Next request will be Coda, and the next one will be Notion, and the next…

When 95% of the APIs are the same :slight_smile:


Not sure what you have inferred from my post.

All I was saying is:

So, the title should reflect that and not mention Airtable.


Which might not get replied.

Well Mac Donalds is valued at $ 100 million and sells trash food. Sometimes that a company generates great revenues does not mean that it is because it gives a good product, otherwise porn would not move so much money :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. But I agree that it is fine that Wappler has ice cream of all flavors, after all it is a tool designed for low or no code level. I think they are trying to maintain a balance.

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Yeah. I get you. But a product doesn’t always define the success of a company.

That’s why I said they must be doing something right :slight_smile:. The valuation is for the company and its assets. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the product Airtable. Although it is in this case. A product aimed at a different audience than us I guess.

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@sid, sorry if I sounded like I was assuming you were inferring anything. I was thinking more along the lines of the reasoning behind the person’s request not being a result of this API explanation but rather a request that would help someone with a question that we don’t know the impetus of. As we don’t know the source of the questions we have to assume they are all equally as important.

The naming is misleading. This is basically an API Action tutorial and some Bootstrap jujutsu. Connecting to Airtable API just happens to be the example used.

As for me, I couldn’t care less for Airtable, I’d rather have the Wappler team focus on more fundamental features that enables us to do much more, or fixes for the million bugs. They’re just getting sidetracked with the latest popular DB SaaS du jour the kids are using.

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That’s important for a business too. They need to keep a balance between no-coders, low-coders and coders. Because they have a mix of everything as a user base.

If Wappler thrives we thrive.

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