Disable button based on data value

Ok, been working on this one for a few hours.

I have a button that simply opens a modal. I would like to disable this button if the latest record has a Null value in one of it’s fields. See screenshot …

I am sure there is some simple way and I am just over thinking it.

Hi Brad,
Use the dynamic attributes > input > disabled.
Then as an expression you can use the ‘last’ formatting option with your query. It will return the last record.

Hey Brad L,

Did you ever figured how to accomplish this, if so would you mind sharing a few screen shots on how to accomplish it.

I have a similar case but in my case I would like to disable or show a record coming from my database query into my row repeat regions if a field in my database table contains 0 record don’t show, but show if 1.

My goal is to show record on my page where I will have an update form with a select option that set the value to 0 or 1 on update and base off that the query result on my page show or not show. Much like enable or disable what show on the page coming from my database.

Thanks in advance.