Disable Action Steps


Good morning Wappler team

I think it would be a very useful enhancement, especially during the creation/debugging process of building complex Server Connect actions, to be able disable certain steps. I don’t just mean suppressing their output (because they calculate anyway), but effectively disabling them without removing them. The programming equivalent to “commenting them out”. As I go through long sequences and make changes, I have breakages later on down the chain due to something changing further upstream. If I could simply disable the offending step while I perform my changes, and re-enable it when I am ready, that would greatly speed up my development. Thanks for considering.



A very good idea. Perhaps the votes for this request can be added to this one


@TomD, thank you sir. Likewise with regards to your suggestion on comments. To expand on that some, I was thinking that once the metadata feature is available within the project I think it would be great to have a general notes (or scratch pad) panel to keep up with project related information. Whether that is to keep API keys handy, notate why certain design or development decisions were made, etc. I know I would make heavy use of something like that. Inline comments for complex Server Connect actions would also be quite beneficial too!


I think this is a good idea too. It would be useful whether or not the metadata feature is in place. I imagine adding a comments option is relatively straightforward to implement compared to the metadata feature, so perhaps the former might come first.

One (very small) tip I use is to create a file called _notes.txt.php in server connect folders:


I use this to add notes about the various files in that folder. Often it’s not possible to make filenames sufficiently descriptive. This file can be edited in Wappler and will appear at the bottom of the list. It needs the PHP extension to appear. (I added the .txt so I know it’s not really a PHP file - eg if it appears out of context).


Hey Wappler team!

I am bumping this suggestion, as having this would greatly ease the building and debugging of Server Connect actions.

I am finding two things to be very true when building out complex Server Connect logic in Wappler, the first is that not being able to Enable/Disable a particular step when debugging, and also not being able to set breakpoints, are both big impediments when it comes to not only the initial creation of complex logic but especially the refactoring of that logic. I need to step through my code to see where breaking changes are, and disable (e.g. comment-out) certain steps as apart of the debugging process

As it stands, I am having to separate parts of my logic out into new actions, just to try my changes in isolation, and if they work then take them back over to my original action, therefore duplicating my effort.

Please give this suggestion consideration, I think many would find it useful. Thank you!

PS. Thank you for adding comments, a very handy enhancement as well!