Direct help link from Wappler Server Steps


Would be amazing to have a link directly to for ex. from Server Action step which would open with a click the depending article / tutorial (if available!) :ok_hand:t5:

Like if I‘m browsing the Server Action Step Modules a small :open_book: Icon would show, which means that this function is documented in a Forum Post or Documentation


Good idea - it crossed my mind before :slight_smile:

Just to be clear - when calling a server action on the client side/page - you want to open it and edit?


Yep exactly just one step before adding it… Later it would be maybe also useful to have rating for articles :star::star::star::star:, so quality could be moderated by users. And maybe also , I mentioned that already, commenting on functions. But that can be done in the forum
then. Like or Stackoverflow… its so amazing when people curate functions or improve stuff. Maybe even these help/comments could be shown „Inpage“ inside Wappler when quality is enough high/comments/docus are well connected to the functions…