Direct Database "Remote Connection" Target vs Local Docker Database Connection

Hi Wappler Folks
Wondered if you can point me in the right direction if this has already been discussed in the Forums, our if not already in the Forums, perhaps give me some guiding light??

I have a Test Bed Ubuntu Webserver / MYSQL Server I use for development; I have connected Wappler to this for my New Project as a Production Environment and am using the Docker as the Development Environment as per the guides. Everything works perfectly from that perspective!

I pulled an existing database Schema from my Remote Ubuntu / MySQL Database connection which has loaded into Wappler perfectly; I was however hoping to copy this across to the Development, i.e. Docker Database so I had a copy of this in both environments.

Now I might be being a little slow, but I cannot get the database Schema from my Remote Server to mirror onto my Docker counterpart in the Development Environment. Am i missing something or is it not possible?
Do I have to build the database from Scratch in Docker to mirror what is on my Production Server; I don’t think this is the case but cannot see a way of doing it.

Any help or pointers would be appreciated gratefully?

Never Mind; I was being a little slow and over complicating things. When I slept and thought it through while doing so I realised it was as easy as “ABC”.

Forget my question and apologies :blush: